Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Bright Eye, Winter Night 2, 354 AC
Blood poured freely from a crack in the skull of the defeated cleric. Cherry ran over and kicked the fallen foe in the groin as Gharad cut off the cleric’s head with a single swing. The blow echoed through the chamber.
 Chai shook his head as the burn form the medallion ceased. He raised the offending object and stared at it for a moment. Engraved into the medallion was the holy symbol of Morgion; a hood with two red eyes. The red eyes sparked at Chai, and for a moment he felt as if the eyes were staring directly into his soul. As the moment passed Chai again shook his head before tossing the medallion next to the kender and sat up.
Cherry smiled and picked it up, secreting it away inside of one of her many bags.
“I take it he is dead,” Chai said as he stood up. He took a scan of the room. “What did he want here? I see no alter.”
            “Could be something in these crates,” Cherry offered. One portion of the room did indeed hold a series of crates. Chai could tell by the lack of dust or mold growth that they were the newest edition to the room. The kender was already poking and prodding at them attempting to get them open. Odren stood beside her and Chai could swear the dwarf was mumbling some nonsense about crate demons.  Between the two diminutive humanoids opened the top of the crate causing the lid to fall tot eh ground with a clatter.
            “Silently fools,” Chai hissed while he And Gharad watched the kender and dwarf, “we have no way of knowing what creatures could still be lurking.”
              Odren spun toward the door. Paranoia and suspicion burned in his eyes. Cherry merely nodded as she pulled a bottle from the. The kender turned the bottle over in her hands and examined from end to end, only stopping to focus on a symbol etched into its side. With her thumb she popped the cork on the top.
            “Excellent,” Chai whispered to Gharad, “we will find out what that potion does and we won’t have to force either of them to drink it.”
            Gharad nodded.
            The scent of the potion within the bottle reached Chai faster than he would have thought. It was both bitter and sweet.  It was a smell vaguely familiar to the cleric of Chemosh, though he could not place it. 
            Cherry placed the bottle to her mouth and sipped it and fell to her knees.
Odren spun around once more, this time facing Cherry. “What is it lass? DO the demons have you? Where are the demons? Can you see them?”
            “I don’t know,” she sputtered, “it was a warmth a warmth in the pit of my stomach. IT spread fast and now…” Cherry tapered off as her ability to speak was lost in a bout of coughing. The coughing turned to vomiting as a red poured from her mouth and out of her nose.
            A red paste that Chai noticed looked very similar to the dust and the wall mold.

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