Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Disease and Blades

Bright Eye, Winter Night 2, 354 AC
Surprised the cleric of Morgion turned to face the intruders. "What are you doing here? You should not be here! Guards!"
“Well we are here so there! What’s going on?” Cherry chirped from behind Chai, “I can’t see!”
Chai ignored the kender. "Your guards have abandoned you."
Chai could see the face of the cleric tighter.
"Then Gildentongue will deal with them,” the cleric of Morgion snapped, “I have no time for you. Be gone from here.".
Chai stepped closer. "Be silent, unless I ask a question. Tell me, I heard the dragonarmies lost Tarsis and that you are the leader of the remnants of that force. What happened?"
“Me the leader?" The cleric of disease laughed.
            "So the hobgoblins were just as stupid as I believed," Chai snarled.
"They all worked for Gildentongue,” the rival cleric began to pace in the back of the chamber, “I had need of their services."
"Who's that?" Chai asked
Chai could see the rival cleric clutch at something inside of his tattered robe.
"He is the one who took over the Red Dragonarmy forces left in the Plains after their Queen failed them.”
“This guy he is boring!” Cherry said through stifled yawn.
“Or was it the Armies that failed the Queen,” Gharad mumbled.
Chai could sense the impatience of his companions behind him.
            “I offered the Draconian a new patron god, in exchange for his help,” The cleric of Morgion explained.
            Chai could hear the sound of steel being drawn. Seems Gharad is pushing things forward, Chai thought to himself. But I must know more! “You offered them the God of Disease?”
"Yes, The Black Wind. He offers salvation through suffering."
“Salvation?” Chai spat. “You mean lies. Your soul will serve the Lord of Death as will any other."
"You will not speak such Blasphemy in the House of My Lord!" The Cleric of Morgion grabbed  a hold of his medallion of faith. You will leave this place now, or you will face his wrath. This is not a place for the likes of you or your pet kender!"
"PET!!" Cherry screamed. "I am no one’s pet, these fine people are my best friends! And your potions are yuk!"
Chai grabbed onto Cherry’s color as she tried to run past him. He could see a stain of red and orange around her mouth. He would have to worry about that later. Chain looked his rival cleric in the eye. "Blasphemy? I am only giving you a warning for what awaits you."
The cleric of Morgion frowned. "My potions," he chuckles, "I suppose they are mine. Try them when I am through with them. They will taste so much better. As for what awaits me. All that awaits me is embrace of my lord as I serve him. And soon so many more will serve him. Very soon.”
"Let us give him the 'salvation' he so seeks," Chai shouted back to Gharard and the strangely silent Odren.
Cherry giggled and stuck her tongue out at the rival cleric. "You smell!"
Chai looked over at his kender companion. The immature insult was only the beginning. The kender taunt had begun and the insult would grow worse.
“You know,” She continued, “If you bottled your stench you could sell it to gully dwarves as perfume!”
Gharad pushed his way past Chai and the kender and charged forward. His blade hit hard into the ground as the cleric of Morgion side stepped the dark warrior’s blade and met the blow with his shield. The cleric of Morgion clenched his teeth as his arms began to shake from a series of blows from Gharad.
“Chemosh,” Chai prayed, “send me a servant to do thy bidding.”  The air behind the cleric of disease whirled and warped as the smell of rank decay overwhelmed the odor of mildew and stagnation in the room. From the center of the disturbance a skeletal owlbear stepped forth. Chai pointed to his rival cleric and smiled. If all went as planned this fight was over. He was wrong.
The owlbear raised its beak in a silent roar as it attempted to dig tis claws and bit into its opponent from behind. The cleric of disease crouched low and spun around to face his newest enemy. The owlbear’s lunged at the cleric only to stub its toe and struggle to maintain its balance.
“A grow tired of this,” the rival cleric shouted as he dropped a vial and darkness filled the room. The cleric began to chant. “Disease breeds fear. Fear is power. Spread disease and reap the terrible reward.”
“Ack!” Cherry cried, “I can’t seem him but I can smell him! Or is that the bone thing?”
“I’m going to keep singing!” Gharad shouted back as he his blade met only empty air.
“Chemosh aid you follower,” Chai continued his own prayers.
‘Vile bone cleric!” The cleric of Morgion shouted. Chai could hear the blood pooling in his rival’s mouth from the spell he cast.
The owlbear honed in on its target and raked its claws across the cleric’s chest.  With a clatter the cleric’s medallion fell to the ground. Cursing again the cleric pulled a glowing mace from a thong on his belt. Through the intermittent darkness and roiling shadows Chai could see the glow of enchantment on the weapon. The rival cleric swung hard at the only enemy able to land a blow on his person and draw blood.  Despite its ponderous size the cleric missed. “Morgion take you all!”
“I can help!” Cherry shouted as she pulled a sling and a stone bullet form her many bags. With a grace only a kender can possess she loaded two stones into her sling and flung them hard into the darkness.
“Nuisance kender!” The cleric of disease creamed as blood squirted from his now flattened nose.
Gharad listened carefully to his enemies movement, no longer relying on his sight amidst the fluid darkness. Lunging forward with his blade and scoring a blow on the cleric’s side.  Chai backed away from the battle. Pushing his foot and around and probing for his enemy’s lost medallion.
Chai could feel his foot reach poke through something familiar, a rib cage of some sort of humanoid. He ignored the skeleton and was rewarded as he heard the metal the metal of the medallion and could feel it through his soft boot. Chai reached down and grabbed the medallion only to find himself on his back on the floor. The medallion slowly burned his hand as he held on even tighter.
            Chai could hear as his undead owlbear continued its onslaught. The smell of copper and the swearing of the cleric filled the chamber. Chai struggled to his feet as he felt the owlbear vanish. The spell had run its course.
            The supernatural darkness evaporated and Chai could see his bloodied and weakened foe.  Chai wondered why the darkness had left, and his rival answered the unspoken thought as the cleric of Morgion swung hard at a dumb founded Gharad.  The cleric’s arm hand extended too much, and lost all its power, glancing sideways off of the Neraka warrior’s armor.
            “Now I can see him!” Cherry giggled as she slung two stones at her foe.
            “Aye lass, me too.” Odren agreed sending a crossbow bolt to follow her stones. The projectiles proved useless as the cleric smiled and stepped left. Gharad smiled wider as his blade moved to meet the side stepping cleric.
            “Abyss damned blade!” Gharad cursed as the weapon slipped from his grasp and landed hard into a nearby wooden crate. Chai tried to laugh at the sheer lunacy of it all but his hand burned too badly. He would not let the cleric have it back. He would lose his hand first. The cleric once more side stepped Gharad. 
            Chai’s eyes began to water, but through his tears he could see his enemy stand over him.
            “Give it back to me!” The cleric screamed as he smashed his mace into Chai’s hand. Chai could feel bones break but still he held on as the blood that leaked from his boiled as it touched the medallion.
            “Face me!” Gharad roared as he retrieved his weapon and charged. The blade struck true, slicing deep into his enemy.
The cleric of Morgion wheezed as blood gushed from various gashes and wounds. His nose is a disgusting mockery of what it had once been. The cleric stared hard at Chai and then at Gharad. "If you let me go of my medallion, I will not kill your friend."
Chai tried to squirm only to feel his muscles refuse to listen to his internal pleas.
Gharad snorted. "Even if you kill him he will just go to his god and be pleased surrender cleric or I will strike you down!"
The cleric of Morgion laughed to the point of tears. "As long as he holds the medallion of my faith he belongs to my god. If he dies he will spend an eternity at the beck and call of the Black Wind." The cleric raised his mace to strike Chai. "Choose quickly Warrior."
“Leave grumpy alone!” Cherry cried out in her shrill voice.
The cleric turned his head at the sudden high pitched scream. Cherry’s scream had been well timed as had been the stone she had thrown at the cleric. The small projectile landed between the cleric’s eyes.  Chai could see his would be executioner’s eyes roll into the back of his skull and fall backwards.
The Cleric of Morgion Falls