Thursday, August 13, 2015

More Misses Than Hits

Bright Eye, Winter Night 2, 354 AC

            Odren stopped before he hit the wall and turned to face the creature. An intensity burned in his eyes as he glared at the thing that tried to grab at him. “I hate demons!” Odren simultaneously shrieked and stuttered. “Demons! You die like one!" Odren snatched a crossbow from one of the dead hobgoblins and fired off a shot without checking to see if it had still been loaded. Luck was with him as a bolt flew from his weapon and into the creature.  The bolt grazed its leg and the creature gurgled and hissed bearing even more of its fangs.
            Chai spun his body out of reach of the grasping tentacles while slashing with his dagger but striking only air.
            Chai could smell the rotted carrion on its breath as it wheezed at him. The cleric could see a deep unhealed gash along its side.
            “It’s a choker,” Chai spat, “It has been wounded but still. beware its grasp!”
            Gharad nodded and gripped his longsword with both hands. The warrior swung at the creatures neck only to feel the hilt of his weapon slip free from his hands. Gharad cursed and then the thanked the gods above as the blade stuck into the choker and knocked it on its back.  
            Odren smirked and let out a dark laugh as he eyed the prone beast. The dwarf loaded another bolt, took aim and fired. The choker screamed as the bolt buried itself deep into its side. Chai knelt over the choker with his dagger in hand and stabbed at its hard. The creature twisted its body and the cleric’s dagger missed.
            Gharad raised his foot to stomp on the head of the writhing monsters only to slip and fall on top of the creature. The creatures tentacle caressed Gharad’s cheek, as if mocking the warrior.
            “Didn't know you were into that type,” Chai teased as the warrior lay on top of the creatures head. The choker struggled to find Gharad’s neck but its tentacles only wiggled around in weak confusion as the warrior’s body obscured its vision and blood loss sapped its strength.  
It tries to get a hold of Gharad but it is too week to find purchase on the warriors neck
            Odren knelt and aimed at the still exposed portion of the monster. He let loose his bolt and watched as it grazed Gharad’s back.
            "Damn creature," Chai cursed as he tried to stab and found his blade would not peirce the choker’s rubbery hide.
            Gharad struggled to his feet and pulled his blade free. The choker stopped flailing and shrieking as black blood poured out and stained the stone floor.
            “Finally,” Chai stood up before the blood cold soak his robes.
            "If only I landed that bolt,” Odren sighed and grumbled. Odren walked over to the dead choker and pulled his bolts free, sticking them into his belt. "Those demons always trying ta get me."
            Chai looked around at the finished walls and the masonry. Mumbling and whispering to himself.
            “What?” Gharad demanded.

            “This is not a mine,” Chai explained, “this is a tomb. One that predates the Cataclysm.” 

They live but was it luck or skill?

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