Monday, August 3, 2015

Choker in the Dark

Bright Eye, Winter Night 2, 354 AC

             Chai stepped off the platform and narrowly avoided a spiked tripping chain. The cleric bent down to examine the chain.  “This is interesting,” he mumbled to himself, “almost as if it were meant to keep something in.”  Chai stood and turned to face the hall. A several torches in wall sconce burned bright and gave ample illumination. The torches were near stubs and looked as though they had not been replaced but had instead been allowed to burn down. The flame of the torches reveled patches of a dried brown substance.
            Chai knew that substance well. Dried blood he had seen on many an altar. Chai pointed out the chain and waited for his companions to follow.  With hesitation the companions moved forward, using their ears as much as their eyes.
            Odren Sykes, the often confused dwarf tensed. "Ii,” he stuttered, “it sounds like there is something up ahead. I would be careful. It seems to be moving around, so it could be a Demon." Odren stepped back toward the lift as he started to shake.  
            Chai and Gharad shook their head at the dwarf and pressed on, keeping their heads on a constant swivel. Odren shook his head and stuck his tongue out between tight lips and followed behind.
            As the moved east down the hall they could see rubble and collapsed halls to the south and further east. Only one room remained to them to the north.
            Chai drew his dagger and stepped forward into the room.
            Odren Sykes glanced at the collapsed hall to the east and sighed. "We don't need to go find that demon."
            Chai eyed the northern room. Another unchanged and stubby sconce torch lit the room and  even with his untrained eye he could tell that the room was ancient. It probably predated the Cataclysm. Murals once covered the walls but time had long ago washed them out to nonsense colors and impressions. In the center of the room two dead hobgoblins had been laid out. Chai eyed the room as he moved further in, paying close attention to the shadowed corners. 
            Chai glanced back past Gharad and at the dwarf. “You sure are afraid of demons, dwarf. Predictable, simple creatures.”
            "Not if they are able to destroy the world" Odren nodded. "You gotta be weary of the demons like that.”
            Chai froze as he felt the scaly feel of a tentacle begin to slip around his neck. The cleric stepped back and slipped out of the grasp and swung around to face the creature that had groped him.
            Odren shrieked as he bolted away from a tentacle aimed at him and headed straight to the far end of the room "DEMON!"
Chai before an altar to Chemosh
            Gharad pulled out his blade as he eyed the awful creature that stood before him. The creature’s body resembled that of a naked kender with mottled flesh. Its limbs were spindly and long. Gharad narrowed his eyes at it as it hissed at Chai, revealing sharp teeth to go along with its whip-like limbs.

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