Sunday, February 1, 2015

Loaned Soldiers

Bright Eye, Winter Night 2, 354 AC

            On cue one hobgoblin stood up from behind the crates they used for cover, throwing down his crossbow, hands raised in surrender. Another crept to the back of the cave, disappearing from sight.

            "Ye promise I'll be fine?" a third hobgoblin asked.

            "I have no reason to slay fellow Dragonarmy soldiers,” Gharad stated.

            "As long as you will aid us, you will not be harmed," Chai added.

            “Dragonarmy?" the hobgoblin snorted, "we're barely that. Gildentongue loaned us to a wretched foul breathed cleric. Been doing his dirty work ever since."

            Cleric?" Chai asked as he stepped further into the room.

            "Yeah some diseased cleric of Morgion,” the hobgoblin explained, "I feel a cough come on every time he walks into the room."

            "Did this cleric give you your armors?” Gharad asked.

            Odren peeked his head around the corner, glancing at the hobgoblins, his jaw clenched.

            "We were the first to conquer Tarsis,” the hobgoblin explained, “we were supposed to go back to Neraka with everyone else, but the Highlord didn't think it was smart leaving no occupying force behind. Damn Draconian Gildentongue took charge after.”

            "But you aren't in control of the city anymore,” Chai stated, “in other words; you have failed the Dark Gods. I wonder," Chai looked at Gharad, "how does your Queen take failure?"

            "She does not tolerate it," Gharad answered.

            Chai looked back at the hobgoblins, "you may yet be saved. Take us to this cleric, and we shall see what comes out of it." Chai stepped closer to the hobgoblin his eyes never leaving the eyes of the hobgoblin in front of him.

            The humanoids looked at each other, then back at Chai, "Listen, we won't fight you. We'll even send word back and clear the way. But we ain't going nowhere near that guy. Nowhere near him at all.”

            “Very well,” Chai nodded, "then point the way."

            "Deeper part of the dwarven ruin,” the hobgoblin pointed further into the cave, “third floor. There's a lift. Gilder, go tell the boys we're done here."
            The silent hobgoblin, his shoulder shaking nodded and ran deeper into the cave, as the speaker turned back to Chai, "Take whatever you want that's left in the crates. This’ll take a few moments."

             Chai nodded and looked back to the entrance shouting for Odren before moving around the hobgoblin and leaning on a barrel. Odren slowly tiptoed around the corner as he kept an eye to the edges of the hall.

            One by one a dozen goblins walked forward from the recesses of the cave. Odren scrambled to grab his chained club but set it down as Chai raised his hand at the dwarf. Odren nodded eyeing each hobgoblin as they passed him.

            AS the final hobgoblin departed he turned to Chai, "Hey, it's all clear. Mostly we're just glad to be rid of the damned cleric and his twice abyss damned quest."

            Chai waved off the hobgoblins, glad to have one less inconvenience, before making his way into the next hall.